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Visual Arts : Applicants in this discipline must show strong evidence of achievement, with a record of at least five years of work as a professional artist, including participation in several curated group shows and at least two professional solo exhibitions. Fiction and Nonfiction : Applicants in these disciplines must have one of the following: a one or more published books; b a contract for the publication of a book-length manuscript; or c at least three shorter works longer than newspaper articles published.

Poetry : Applicants in this discipline must have had published at least 20 poems in the last five years or published a book of poetry, and must be in the process of completing a manuscript. Journalism : Applicants in this discipline are required to have worked professionally as a journalist for at least five years.

Playwriting : Applicants in this discipline must have a significant body of independent work in the form. This will include, most typically, plays produced or under option. Most importantly, the applicant must show strong evidence of achievement as a professional artist, with a record of recent performances.

Performing Arts—Dance, Music Performance, Theater Performance : Although Radcliffe occasionally invites applications from selected performing artists, we do not accept performing arts applications through the general application process. Individuals who are applying as practitioners must have held senior leadership positions in non-profits, government, or the private sector.

Practitioners should have at least ten years of relevant professional experience and be acknowledged as leaders in their fields. Applicants from throughout the world are encouraged to apply. Harvard University typically sponsors J-1 scholar visas for Radcliffe Fellows.

Applicants cannot be students in doctoral or master's programs at the time of application submission unless the dissertation has been accepted and degree is forthcoming and field-specific eligibility requirements have been met. Applicants must demonstrate a strong body of independent work that has been published, exhibited, or performed. Am I eligible to apply? You do not need to be affiliated with an academic institution to be eligible to apply.

Yes, we accept group applications of two or three individuals who propose to work on the same project. As a fellowship group you would spend the year pursuing your group's research interests or project. All group members must meet the eligibility requirements for their fields. How to apply as a group : Each member of the group must register as a user on the application portal and submit a separate application. At the Individual or Group question on the General Information page of the application, select Group, and list the names of all group members, including yourself , in the available fields.

Each group member should submit an individual CV and writing sample. All group members should upload the same document for your project proposal, making special note in your proposal about the nature of your collaboration. We encourage applicants within a group to ask for letters from different recommenders.

Fellowship Tips

If there is a recommender who is well-suited to speak to your group's proposed project as a whole, or who has worked closely with all group members, they can be listed as a recommender for all group members and may upload the same letter. The fellowship runs from September — May Only under extraordinary circumstances do we permit fellows to come for one semester.

If you would like to come for one semester only, please select "I am only able to come for a single semester " on the first page General Information of the application. Please note that we prefer to award full-year fellowships and therefore only accept a limited number of fellows for one semester only. Please note that if you are a US citizen or permanent resident coming from a home institution based in the US, you can opt to have your stipend paid through your home institution or to you directly.

Radcliffe Fellows may also be eligible to receive relocation, housing, and childcare funds to aid them in making a smooth transition to Radcliffe. Health care support is made available as needed. If fellows would like to hire Harvard undergraduate students as Research Partners , we will cover their hourly wages.

We're Social

Although amounts have not been set for fellows in the class, information on current benefits is available here. The application consists of an application form, curriculum vitae, project proposal with bibliography when appropriate , a writing or work sample, and the contact information of three references who will be prompted, via email, to upload letters of recommendation in support of your application.

All materials must be submitted via our online application portal. No, applicants who have applied in the past must submit a new application. Register as a new user by entering your name, email address, password and security question responses on the New User Registration page of the online application.

Once you have registered, you may login to the portal here and select an application area: Humanities and Social Sciences, Creative Arts including Journalists and Nonfiction writers , or Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. If you would like to apply as a practitioner, please select the Humanities and Social Sciences application and follow the instructions for practitioners outlined below. Applicants may designate a primary discipline and are given the option to designate an additional disciplinary area.

You may select this additional area from a drop-down menu or write in your own description in the answer field. We advise applicants to select the discipline that best fits their proposed project and educational, professional, or artistic background. We often support fellows whose work crosses disciplinary borders—in fact, we believe Radcliffe is a great intellectual home for such work.

We make every effort to find readers with the background and expertise to properly evaluate the applications we receive. We want to make sure that the Institute will be able to support you in your work. With the information you provide in response to this question, we can work to assess available resources at Harvard University.

Get Paid to Write: 19 Writing Fellowships for Authors, Journalists and Poets

Your curriculum vitae should be no longer than six pages and emphasize only your most significant achievements, publications, exhibits, etc. Your project proposal should begin with a word abstract summarizing your proposed project. The body of your proposal should describe the project, explaining the significance of the topic, placing the work in the context of your field, and indicating how the project would contribute to your field.

Be clear about the theory and methodology.

Cite the work of others, if relevant; indicate the status of any project already begun and any data already collected. All applicants should write for an informed but broad disciplinary audience.

All proposals will be evaluated by experts in the relevant field. Finalists are reviewed by a multidisciplinary committee. How should it be formatted? Your project proposal should contain no more than 1, words, beginning with a word abstract summarizing the proposed project.

The proposal should be in point font, double-spaced, with a 1-inch margin. Can images be included? Footnotes will not be included in your word count. You may include images, though we encourage you to compress them so that your file does not exceed the maximum file size that can be uploaded 10 MB. While we cannot provide an example of a successful proposal, every fellow who has been in residence at Radcliffe has a brief description of their fellowship project on our website, and we encourage applicants to review these for examples of the types of projects we support.

What should be included in my bibliography? It is optional to submit a bibliography, as some projects will not require it. Most applicants in the humanities and social sciences submit a bibliography of pages in length. The formatting is up to each applicant.

Become a Fellow | Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University

The bibliography is used by reviewers to understand how you situate your project within current scholarship, and to assess whether you are familiar with the relevant literature in your field. It is fine to include a bibliography of works you have already consulted or a bibliography of works you intend to consult, though please clearly indicate which of these you are submitting.

For applicants in the humanities and social sciences : If you have completed writing relevant to your proposed project, please include that even if it is unpublished. Otherwise, please upload a published article or book chapter. The maximum length is 40 pages. Applicants in science, engineering, and mathematics should submit three article reprints. Applicants in fiction and nonfiction should submit a recent book chapter, short story, manuscript, or article, approximately 30 pages total.

Submitted material should be related to your project or, if not related to it, already published. Applicants in poetry should submit up to 10 poems. Applicants in journalism should submit three substantive published articles, approximately 30 pages total. Applicants in this discipline may also submit up to 15 minutes of work on YouTube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud on the Journalism Supporting Materials Upload page.

Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program in Harvard University, USA : Researchersjob

Applicants in visual arts should submit 12 images and, if applicable, up to 3 moving-image excerpts on the Visual Arts Supporting Materials Upload page. Please edit your clips so that they do not exceed 15 minutes. All samples should be accompanied by written scores, except for electronic or improvisational work. Practitioners should submit a sample relevant to their proposed project.

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Yes, you can submit more than one piece up to the designated page limit. Please note: these must be combined and uploaded as a single file.